Bcoz evolved from very meagre beginnings in Cairns , North Queensland, when a mate said he wanted to be a chippy, I decided coz I'd always enjoyed making furniture to buy a Lucas Mill. Initially under the impression timber would be hard to come by - soon found ourselves inundated. Quite a few years down the track we now have built a reputation for well made, modern and practical furnishings.
Becoz - Fine Hand Crafted Solid Timber Furniture, Created in Far North Queensland, Accacia, Cedar, Boardroom, Australian, Maple, Bathroom, Cabnet, Solid Timber Single Bed, Dundee's Mango Wine Rack, Black Bean, Mango Chairs, Mango Coffee Table, Hall Table, Raintree Coffee Table
Most of our timber comes from local backyards - especially mango which always has a few hidden surprises within, nails, rocks bottles etc. others taller timbers come from areas cleared for housing. Having such a vast range of species in the area, we rely on the wonderful assistance of our botanic gardens and others to assist us with species identification where necessary. We only cut trees where there is purpose and use.